About Us


At AIM Garments, we understand that what keeps your business afloat is the quality of the products you sell. We also understand that going from concept to customer can be a long and complicated process. AIM Garments is out to change the game by bringing a better experience to your product development. Let us work closely with you to develop and deliver your product so that you can focus on your business.

Extensive Sampling

We have a dedicated sample team and to ensure your product gets produced correctly observe the following industry standard sampling procedure:
  • Decoration & Trim Samples - Approve all prints, embroideries, and other decorations with strike-off samples
  • First Samples - See the actual garment to finalize your design elements.
  • Fit SamplesReview our measurements across all sizes to ensure it meets your standard.
  • Pre-production Samples - Approve final samples before mass production.


ctpat_5ficon_5fhp_2dfeatures AIM Garments is proud to be fully compliant with US Customs/Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT). We will work closely with you to ensure that our products meet your standards. Do you have special packing requirements? Labeling requirements? Are you worried about color migration?  At AIM Garments, we will work with you for all of your requirements to make sure your products completely satisfy your customer. Additionally, we stand fully behind the health and safety of our youth market by independently testing all metallic trims for the presence of lead.


This industry isn't just about making the product, but it is also about delivering the product on time. Therefore we will work closely with you throughout the production process and provide updates on production so that you can best plan your catalogs or product launches. We have our own freight forwarder and can deliver your goods to your door or will work with your freight forwarder for pickup from Ho Chi Minh City Port.